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スティーブ・クーガン激怒しててもしゃべりは芸術品☆Steve Coogan in News Night

Phone Hacking Scandalの続きです。。。

ヒュー・グラント同様、タブロイドの餌食状態でさんざんな目にあってきたスティーブ・クーガンが、News Nightで News of the Worldの元エディターpaul mcmullanの前で、爆発しました。論点はヒューとほぼ同じ。規制をするべきという点も同じです。

こちらが そのクリップ。


このジャーナリストをwalking PR disaster for tabloids、morally bankrupt, などと手を変え品を変え呼ぶことは、ほんの一例。
いかにもタブロイド紙が一面記事のタイトルにしそうなものを、皮肉とわかる絶妙のタイミングで言い放ったり(Hitler was nice to dogs.のくだり)


というわけで、以下、英語のtranscript です。みんないっぺんにしゃべったりとか、疲れちゃったらすっとばしちゃいました(汗)が、目的のスティーブはほぼ全部ひろってます。(テキトー、transcriptですいません)。

P.M: The biggest lose is .. I've always said that I've just tried to write an article in a truthful way, and what better source of getting the truth is to listen to someone's messages. That might sound frivolous but several celebrities call us evil scums but all we ever tried to do..

G.D: What right have you got to listen to their messages? What possible right?

S.C: I have to say you are walking PR disaster for tabloids because you don't come across in a sympathetic way, you come across as a sort of legible individual, who is symptomatic everything wrong with the tabloids. Because your attitude is "we are just selling newspapers, we are investigating the .. but you know you are not covering corruptions, you are not covering and bringing down institutions that inherently corrupt, you are just finding out who's sleeping who. It's about selling Newspaper. That's absolutely, garbage. You are hiding behind...


P.M: If this brings about the law, they silence the press, we can no longer catch politicians lying and cheating to the electorate who voted them in.

S.C: Hang on a sec, I'm not a politician. Why go after me? Milly Dowler's relatives aren't politicians. Why go after them? It's morally bankrupt. Totally, and you are morally bankrupt. the whole notion of press freedom is a smokescreen selling newspapers with title-tattle. You hide behind us when everything comes up, it absolute BE ASS.

P.M: Yeah, but you've got a publicist, you spend your entire...
trying to get in the news papers

S.C: No I don't! I don't give interviews to the tabloids. Because I am interested in writing and entertaining the public with the comedy that I write.

P.M: How many Murdoch movies have you been in?

S.C: LISTEN. I deal with Rupert Murdoch already, I deal with the organisation. I'm talking about Tabloids newspapers and mock-raking you do, and you hide, you hide...

P.M: So you take 5 miliions in the movie, and bleed about someone who always listen to messages.


司会:Let me just ask you something.
If this means were used, for example, to hunt down Ian Huntley, instead of the Solem girls,families, would it be less morally reprehensible? The answer is Yes, right?

G.D:You could see there are occasionally, very occasionally, in public interest cases. But most of the time, no.

P.M: Most of the times, well meaning.

G.D: These guys just phone taps anyone they can think of.

S.C: Even something which looks laudable, like Sarah's law(注:念のため、リンクはっときます), its nothing to do with morally palliative about. It's all, let me finish this,... it's all about selling newspapers, if you do something loadable, something despicable, its about selling newspapers.

司会:However strongly you feel about this, you look at this enquiry or possibility of regulation, "hurrah, its gonna be fine"?

S.C: No, but I think it will make a temp better. what happens is the crudity to some extent with the tabloids, because the price of free press is letting these people shovel crap. The thing is you don't have to do that. You can have a free press and you can regulate.

司会:What's your fear?

P.M: The world's gonna be a better place because we are no longer able to expose silly celebrities taking coke and cheating on their wives, which to be honest, I found it a bit of fun, and

司会:So what you say is the world will be a better place if you are regulated.


S.C: This guy sat outside my house. It's just a legible, deplorable...

P.M: It's a nice house. You are in the green room talking about the number of houses you bought this year, or we feel terribly sorry for you.

司会:OK, what do you think actually changes in the tabloids press from this, here, tonight.

D.G: Well, there gonna have to be a regulation. NO doubt. The idea is its gonna be..

司会:But this is illegal anyway. why do we need to regulate?

D.G: If you look at broadcasting, these guys sit here and say "oh it’s the end of the freedom of press. It’s nonsense. Broadcasting has been always regulated. Broadcasters do, I would say, much greater job than the half of the tabloid press in serious issues. What he7s talking about is just tittle-tattle.

司会:But there are a lot of times that News of the World got amazing scoops, exposes the things that everyone wanted to know about... (疲れた 汗ので 略)and nobody complained about them.

D.G: Very occasionally.

"Hitler was nice to dogs".

P.M: Yes, exactly, and that's why we don't have Hitler in this country. Nice politicians, nice Mr. Clegg, because bad guys get exposed, they walk into the media spotlight.

S.C: What are you talking about? Its not what you do. Bad guys don't get exposed to the media. You don't do that. you shovel SHITE.

P.M: OK so we shovel that and sell 5 million copies, and one good story comes along and 5 million people read it and that means...

P.C: I didn't realise you have your moral crusade.

司会:Are you gonna stop doing it?

P.M: Well, I've always been a journalist and I've always tried to write articles and entertain, shine a bit of a light onto...grabby shallow lives that some people...

D.G: Can I just say that I spend most of my life being a journalist and I'm nothing to do with him.

P.C: I don't think he should be called a journalist. There are some EXCELLENT journalists. You are not a journalist. You know you are not, deep down. You keep me wheel out this whole week. You are here and no one else can't be bothered to.

司会:Do you think...

P.M: You are here as well. What are you doing here? He's just a celebrity, jumping on the back of Hugh Grant... haven't done a movie for two years,

S.C: Your newspaper and lots of other tabloids did not pursue the stories at all.

司会: Steve Coogan, just respond to that, ’cause other people are saying there are lot of celebs out there who do court the press, who do love the publicity.

S.C: I'm not jumping their back, I’m not making the money out of this. If they give me any damages, I will give the money to a victim support group. Not interested in money, the publicity.

司会:But why, the question is, about using the tabloid press to put yourself out

S.C: NO I don't. "News of the Sun" or "Sun on Sunday" or whatever it is, I don't court them at all.

P.M: You do, you walk on the red carpet, you pose at the camera, and news of the world...

司会:Is the public still with you on this?

P.M: No sadly not, but you got get rid of the emotion so you can think about it rationally and the world, Britain will be poor place without it.
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